The Resident Symphony Orchestra of the City of Anaheim


Kids Music Collaboration



Date: August  16, 2013

Orange County Symphony and the Anaheim City School District are partnering to provide instrumental music instruction to students at interested schools throughout Anaheim . Musicians from Orange County Symphony Orchestra will teach 30 weeks of instrumental music, including lessons in strings, woodwinds , brass and percussion. The goal of this partnership is to eventually form a student orchestra at each participating school. Students will not only learn about their instruments, but will study music appreciation and become honored guests at the Orange County Symphony . The Symphony musicians are performing this work as a service to the community of Anaheim.

The Orange County Symphony Orchestra has 250 members. They perform nine concerts each year at Servite Auditorium  in Anaheim. OC Symphony is Anaheim's resident symphony. Its members are proud to cultivate the arts in our local schools.

Musical instruments are needed! Anyone who has any musical instrument to donate is encouraged to contact:

Linda Wagner - Anaheim City School District (714) 517-7510

Dorothy Rose at (714) 778-0314 E-mail:dorothy_rose@ocsymphony. org