Start: 2017-07-01 OC Symphony

The Resident Symphony Orchestra of the City of Anaheim

Archived Concerts

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Jun 18, 2017OCWSMusic Inspired by the Great Outdoors$20/$15Past
May 14, 2017OCSBroadway Memories$20/$15Past
Apr 9, 2017OCWSDreams and Impressions$20/$15Past
Mar 26, 2017OCSClassical Masters$20/$15Past
Mar 26, 2017OCSA Special VIP Reception - POSTPONED/Past
Feb 26, 2017OCSPThe Heart of Rock and Roll$20/$15Past
Jan 29, 2017OCSThe Brandenburg Concertos$20/$15Past
Dec 4, 2016OCWSThe Night Before Christmas$20/$15Past
Nov 13, 2016OCSIt\'s all about Mozart$20/$15Past
Sep 18, 2016OCWSTales From California$20/$15Past
Aug 28, 2016OCSFrom Stage to Screen$20/$15Past
Jun 19, 2016OCWSMusic from the Silver Screen$20.00/$15.00Past
May 15, 2016OCSThe Four Seasons$20.00/$15.00Past
Apr 10, 2016OCSForces of Nature$20.00/$15.00Past
Feb 28, 2016OCWSAround the World in 80 minutesFREE/FREEPast
Jan 31, 2016OCSPHonoring our American Roots$20.00/$15.00Past
Nov 22, 2015OCWSThe Russians are coming!$20.00/$15.00Past
Oct 25, 2015OCSHalloween Extravaganza$20.00/$15.00Past
Oct 4, 2015OCWSSouthern Harmony$20.00/$15.00Past
Aug 30, 2015OCSCAPMT-JCM Concerto Competition Winners$20.00/$15.00Past
Jul 26, 2015American Favorites$80 or $150/2/The samePast
Jun 21, 2015OCWSBlue Notes$20.00/$15.00Past
May 17, 2015OCSBad Romance$20.00/$15.00Past
Apr 12, 2015OCWSA Little Romance$20.00/$15.00Past
Mar 8, 2015OCSBeethoven’s 7th$20.00/$15.00Past
Feb 8, 2015OCWSThemes and Variations$20.00/$15.00Past
Dec 14, 2014OCSLa bohème in Concert$20.00/$15.00Past
Nov 23, 2014OCWSA Celebration of Women Composers$20.00/$15.00Past
Oct 26, 2014OCWSHappy Halloween!$20.00/$15.00Past
Sep 28, 2014OCS2014 OCS/CAPMT Concerto Competition Winners$20.00/$15.00Past
Jun 15, 2014OCWSLord of the Rings$20.00/$15.00Past
May 4, 2014OCSAn Evening at the Opera$20.00/$15.00Past
Apr 6, 2014OCWSSouth of the Border$20.00/$15.00Past
Mar 16, 2014OCSBohemian Rhapsody $20.00/$15.00Past
Feb 9, 2014OCWSLiving Masters of Wind Band Literature$20.00/$15.00Past
Dec 8, 2013OCSGala Concert$60/$60Past
Nov 24, 2013OCSMusica: the Melodies and Rhythms of Latin America$20.00/$15.00Past
Oct 27, 2013OCSHalloween Extravaganza$20.00/$15.00Past
Sep 29, 2013OCWSCornerstones of Wind Band Literature$20.00/$15.00Past
Aug 25, 2013OCS2013 Concerto Competition Winners$20.00/$15.00Past
Jun 23, 2013OCSSongs of the North$20/$15Past
Jun 15, 2013OCWSA Salute to AmericaFree/FreePast
May 19, 2013OCWSSymphonies for Band$20/$15Past
Apr 14, 2013OCSClarion Calls$20/$15Past
Mar 17, 2013OCWSSongs and Dances$20/$15Past
Feb 10, 2013OCSFrench Masterworks$20/$15Past
Oct 28, 2012OCWSChillers and Thrillers$20/$15Past
Sep 23, 2012OCSMajor Thirds$20/$15Past
Aug 26, 2012OCWSLotus Blossom$20/$15Past
Aug 26, 2012OCSThe Annual Gala Celebration$50/$50Past
Jul 17, 2012OCWSWhat So Proudly We HailFree/FreePast
Jul 16, 2012OCSBroadway Comes to BreaFree/FreePast
Jul 15, 2012OCSOrange County Symphony Goes to the Movies Free/FreePast
Nov 30, 1999OCSTo be announced/Past