Youth Wind Symphony

About Us

The Orange County Youth Wind Symphony (OCYWS) is a brand new extension and educational offering of the Orange County Symphony & Wind Symphony (OCS & OCWS) for students age 14 – 20. Ensemble participants currently draw from 7 school districts across Southern California including 5 private schools, and approximately 10% of participants are home schooled. The OCYWS is led by OCS and OCWS Music Director, Anthony R. Parnther.


Admittance to the OCYWS is contingent upon private instructor (preferred) and band director approval (required). You MUST be an active member of your public school band program to participate in the OCYWS (no exceptions).


Tuition for the OCYWS is free of charge to all student participants for the Spring of 2010.


Students receive the highest quality

instruction from the OCYWS faculty, all of whom are professional musicians, teachers and members of the OC Symphony and OC Wind Symphony. There are specialists for each instrument represented in the Wind Symphony spectrum. Our comprehensive 25 member Wind and Percussion faculty are amongst the premiere performers and pedagogues in Southern California. Students receive regular masterclasses and sectionals with the OCYWS faculty at each rehearsal.